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New to last-mile mobility and delivery data?  

Gig workers transport individuals, meals, and parcels from one location to another.

On-demand delivery and ride-hailing services generate last-mile mobility and delivery data. It's important for businesses to analyze this data for market insights and trends.

Previously, giants like Uber, Grab, Amazon, and Lazada were the only gig service companies with access to this data

GoNsave is changing this for Asia.

GoNsave provides organizations with anonymized data on how people and goods move across on-demand delivery and ride-hailing services.

How to access our gig mobility analytics

Our platform in Asia offers unique insights on transportation and last-mile logistics, thanks to exclusive data sets trusted by our partners.

You can access our gig mobility data through dashboards or standalone data exports. Dashboards let you view data as maps, graphs, or tables. Data can be exported as .csv or json files.

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